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Welcome to (SBC/RTC).
Welcome to Sanjaranda Bible College and Rural Training Center (SBC/RTC). SBC offers a peaceful, learning environment with an emphasis on personal advancement and community development. Theology, English and Computer courses are taught by well qualified Christian teachers whose aim is to see students develop into men and women who will serve God, family, Tanzania and Africa well.
The community is committed to offer theological training on the Pentecostal focus.

In recent years there have been various groups either from non Pentecostal or Pentecostal groups who wish to practice Pentecostal faith but with less or more Pentecostal theology. For that matter there has been confusion.

In order to convey the right understanding of a Pentecostal faith and what is not, the community of

SBC focuses to teach the sound biblical doctrines that should correct the wrong and direct to the truth”

SBC is convinced that the new generation needs a clear statement and biblical basis as an answer. On this base we aim to Pentecostal sound doctrine. However all non Pentecostal students are welcome respectively.

The student of SBC will be trained to interpret Scriptures in its historical and literary context so as to avoid assumptions that can be inserted in scriptures. Such approach will lead a good student of Scriptures to get the meaning intended by the biblical writers and applies it in his or her ministerial settings.

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"To meet theological challenges for the new generation SBC aims to restate and clarify the Pentecostal faith on the emphasis on Spirit filling and missions."

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